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Life Community Church currently offers about 6 months+ worth of sermon resources on our web site for easy listening of prior messages in both campus sections on the right. Over 40 previous sermon series'  are available in the sermon archives and we also have some previous guest speakers you can listen to. Previous Sunday audio messages are usually posted by Tuesday afternoon. In addition, you can also download MP3's of the audio to save for later or use on an iPod, your computer, or other MP3 players. An audio podcast of our messages is also available via iTunes (see link on the right of the page to subscribe). To access a message that is no longer appearing here on the site, please contact our church office to purchase the message audio you want (Pick-up: $1 CD, $2 DVD / Mailed: $2 per CD/DVD) at (336-854-5433) via e-mail ( Message series CD albums are also available (costs vary). If you have trouble accessing our media files (audio or video), please call or e-mail us. Thanks for visiting our sermon resources page!


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  • AllThatReallyMatters
  • AnsweringHardQuestions
  • AreAllChurchsTheSame
  • AreWeLivingInEndTimes
  • BewareTheSnare
  • ChangeMyHeartOhGod
  • Christianity
  • Christianity101
  • ConfidenceInChaos
  • ConnectingTheDots
  • CryOutForSpiritualAwakening
  • CSI
  • DiscoveringTreasure
  • DiscoverLife
  • DontWaitUntilItsTooLate
  • EmpoweredToWIn
  • Fireproof
  • GodAtWorkButton
  • GodIveGotAQuestion
  • GodsBlueprint
  • GotSalvation
  • HopeInTimesLikeThese
  • ItsAllAboutJesus
  • JesusRevealed
  • LetsTalkAboutJesus
  • LetsWinTheWar
  • LoveMarriageBabyCarriageButton
  • MoreThanTheGold
  • MysteriousMinisters
  • PlayBall
  • Potholes
  • PrayerLife
  • SecretsTooGoodToKeep
  • SteUp
  • StewardshipMatters
  • Stuck
  • TheChristiansBattle
  • TheConcernOfSpiritualFather
  • TheJesusTeam
  • TheRealDeal
  • TooBlessedToBeStressed
  • Transformers
  • Unthinkable
  • VitalSigns
  • WhatIsMissing
  • WhatWillYouDoWithJesus
  • WhatWouldJesusSay
  • Worthy
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