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Continuing the Momentum

Posted by Jake Thornhill, Jr. on

A woman came out of church after a Sunday morning worship service and said to her pastor, “Good sermon, preacher!” He said, “Don’t thank me, thank the Lord. He gave me that sermon.”

She replied, “No… it wasn’t that good!”

February was “that good.” It was an awesome month. We saw many saved and baptized because of your faithfulness. As you invited family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, and as you invested in their lives, God showed up! The community was impacted, and the church was energized.

"Lord, create a greater hunger and thirst in us so you might work through us."

As we move into the month of March, let’s not just ride the wave of momentum, but let’s create a spiritual tsunami! Let’s tell the Triad know what God is doing as we continue to step out by faith and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. D.L. Moody was right when he said,

"The world has yet to see what God will do with a man fully consecrated to him."

May we be those people so our Lord can use us for His glory!

If you have been in our services this past month, Pastor Chad has been emphasizing three themes:

  • Guests
  • Giving
  • The Gospel

Think about those. Guests are a priority. Every church member was first a guest. We want to invite people, follow up with them, and let them know they are important to us and important to God. No matter how exciting and life changing our worship services may be, the community will never know unless we reach out to them. Be sensitive to people who are around us. Be intentional in inviting and sharing with them. For that to occur, it must begin in our prayer closet, seeking the face of God and seeing the heart of God.

There has also been an emphasis on giving this month. Pastor Chad said it best when he said, “We don’t give to the church; we give through the church.” Our faithful tithes and offerings go where we cannot go, and they accomplish what we cannot accomplish by ourselves. When we all pray and give generously, God will honor it and use it for His glory. There is no greater investment than investing in the Kingdom of God!

Lastly, the center focus of our lives and ministry is the gospel - the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The gospel is the foundation of every church and every born again believer. In the midst of the political upheaval, the constant threat of the coronavirus and a nation that is growing restless and more divided every day, there is good news - the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s alive, and He desires to live in and through us.

Sunday is coming. The excitement, the expectation and the spiritual temperature will be determined by each and every one of us. When we pray, invite others, and come by faith expecting God to show up, He never disappoints. But make no mistake; it starts with each of us.

Let’s go with the gospel,

Pastor Jake



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