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July 2020

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As you know we began four weeks ago gathering together for worship. It has been a safe and exciting time with no problems or health issues. We have been careful and cautious, praying through our decisions and seeking our Lord’s guidance. Decisions during this time aren’t always easy to make and we will always respect the choices of others. As a church we want to honor our Lord, encourage and equip His children and continue to build His Kingdom. But our enemy, Satan always divides and conquers. He wants to isolate us, overwhelm us with fear and continual negativity then pick us off; one person, one family at a time. He creates doubt, attacks our mind and replaces Biblical truth with opinions and lies. Be aware of the enemy and be determined to be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker.

There is good news! On July 1st at 6:30 we will resume our Wednesday night classes on campus. I will finish my Christian Life and Service Seminar (CLASS), Pastor Micah will facilitate a class on Racial Reconciliation, Pastor Chad teaching on the book of Daniel, and we hope to offer a few ladies classes.  This will allow our children and youth to meet again midweek. Everything will be sanitized before and after and we will continue to practice social distancing and common sense.

On Sunday July 5th we will resume our Life Groups on campus, as well as our youth, children’s worship and nursery. There will be no small group classes for our children yet, but we will have Kidz worship at both hours that will be modified so our 1st-5th graders can stay for both services. Our youth will meet in the worship center during first service and then in the LIFEhouse for their small groups during the second service. Our service times will once again be 9:00AM and 10:30AM. We will shorten our worship time so that we will be able to easily transition our children and adults to their designated places.

You might be asking; “but Pastor, isn’t there a surge in the Covid cases right now?” Yes, but thankfully the survival rate is well over 98% and the majority of those had pre-existing conditions. Yes, the virus is serious, but it is not the death threat we were initially led to believe. I’m concerned about everyone’s health, but I’m also concerned about the isolation, the economy, the riots, the racism, the domestic violence, the never ending news that only fits a certain narrative and the spiritual welfare of our families and our nation. What better time to come together as the church of the living God being safe, but also encouraged and determined to lift up Jesus in the darkness.

Many may have a different opinion and that’s okay; I love and respect you. Whether you’re able to attend or not, it doesn’t mean that you love Jesus any more or any less. It is however, my deep seated conviction that we should be able to choose. I’m grateful for my American citizenship but my heavenly citizenship surpasses everything. God loved me so much that He gave me the ability to choose. We make decisions and our decisions make us. So may we all pray, seek God’s will and honor Him in every decision. You are loved and greatly appreciated.

For the King and His Kingdom,

Your pastor and friend,

Pastor Jake


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