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March 2021

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I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some sunshine and warmer weather. I love the springtime. New life appears to be all around us, with the greatest reminder of life being the celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus! With the start of 2021 being kind of a second verse same as the first beginning, I am ready for some new life! I praise God that even through all of the cold, covid, and uncertainty, Jesus reminds us that the Life He gives is the abundant life and that gets better day by day!

Lifers, we are so excited to welcome Jason and Meagan McLeod and their children, Brooks, Ellie Grace, Karis, and Elijah to LCC! Jason will begin March 28th as Student Pastor. I have known Jason for three years and have walked through the fires with this godly man. I can’t wait to see all that God does in and through our student ministry under Jason’s leadership!

Many have come up to me and said they feel like the messages that Pastor Jake and myself have been preaching remind them of revival messages. I pray that is true as for passion and the call to repent. But I want to caution us to remember what being in true revival looks like. It is not hearing a powerful sermon. It is not hearing a song that moves us to emotions or gives us spiritual goosebumps. It is not meeting our budget every month or for the year. It is not having great fellowship. It is not having your Life group numbers higher than the year before. True revival is much more than all of those man-centered and man-created things. When a church (local body of Christ) like Life Community yields itself and humbles itself to the Spirit of God, and is willing to do WHATEVER He leads them to do, then true revival will take place. And the result will be:

“Any true revival can be proven by the fact it changed the moral climate of an area or nation.” Leonard Ravenhill

Remember, what we “amen” at church, we must “live” outside of church. Let’s be Jesus with skin on to Triad, Guilford County, North Carolina, America and the World!

I love you and can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday!

Amazed at His grace,

Pastor Chad


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