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November 2020

Posted by Jake Thornhill, Jr. on

Who would have ever believed when we began talking and taking precautions in March concerning Covid-19 that we would still be dealing with it in November! Even though we realize it’s not a life threatening virus for the majority, it is still a highly contagious virus that we have no cure for, and don’t know what long term effects it may later have for those who have been diagnosed with it.

I mention this because when weeks turn to months it’s easy to take less precaution and be less concerned but recently the cases have been increasing in our county and we all need a timely reminder to wash our hands, keep a safe distance from others and to wear a mask in populated areas.

We at Life Community want to provide a safe environment to keep people safe, to equip them and honor our Lord. I believe the church is essential. It’s the bride of Christ, the body of Christ, bought with His blood. Many people watch online and I’m grateful for that, and realize for some, this is their only option. That can be a short term solution, but it can also become a terrible habit that drastically affects our spiritual maturity.

Church is the gathering of God’s people. There is the universal church we are born into the moment we receive Christ, therefore people say “we are the church” which is correct. But there is also the local church where we come together being equipped, encouraging one another and worshiping our soon returning Savior. The NT epistles are written to the local church and in 2 Tim 3 we have the qualifications for pastors and deacons. Then in 2 Tim. 3:15, Paul says he’s written these things so we might know how to behave our self in the church, the house of God. Church is not sitting home & watching on-line. It’s too easy to be distracted and we need one another. Even during times of extreme persecution believers gathered because the Bible says to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. Hebr. 10:25

True story; I spoke with a pastor from Florida recently who had one of his leaders tell him that he’d not be back until this was all over. Weeks later he saw the man and his family at Disney shoulder to shoulder with strangers. Many today are in crowds, but not in church.

Since the beginning I have found myself in a dilemma. I have a strong conviction concerning gathering as a church and a strong concern about everyone’s safety. We’re living in a time like no other in the history of our nation, and the enemy is determined to divide us. But if the church doesn’t come together, who will?

So I believe we should make every effort to gather together but I also believe we need to take every precaution. Don’t minimize the need for safety. When you come you should social distance from others who are not family or close acquaintances, and wear a mask if possible. We as a staff have committed to wearing a mask. We’ve talked about a mask only service but we’ve decided not to do so at this time. I think it would be impossible to enforce, but if necessary we will do so. We desire to honor you and honor our Lord and we covet your prayers.

For the King and His Kingdom,

Pastor Jake


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