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We Can Make a Difference

Posted by Jake Thornhill, Jr. on

Once again we have a wonderful opportunity with our “Compassion Can” emphasis to help those in need and to share the love and life of Jesus Christ. On October 6th, we are asking everyone to give lovingly, generously and sacrificially. If you can’t be with us on the 6th, you can still support and invest in this life changing opportunity by sending your gift to the church office.

As we’ve done in the past, the love offering will go to 3 different ministries. Because of our new children’s building one-half of what is given will go towards the payoff our new building, KidzWorld. In this way, we will be investing in children and their families in the Triad.

The remainder of the offering will be divided equally between two ministries. “You Can Free Us” works to eliminate human trafficking in Asia. As you may remember, I was there in December, and God broke my heart over what I saw.  I made a promise to the Lord that I would help those who couldn’t help themselves.

Second, one part of your donations will go to HopeGivers.  Your gifts will help with basic repairs and additional dorm rooms for the young girls in New Delhi. We’ve heard the stories and seen firsthand the needs from Dr. Samuel Thomas and Sujo John, and now we have the opportunity to give and minister in the name of Jesus. Our gifts can go where we cannot go and do what we cannot do. Let’s pray and make preparations to give lovingly, generously and sacrificially.

On October 5th, I’m asking every member of LCC to join me at 8:30am at 2425 Randleman Road to participate in the Love Life movement. Please place this on your calendar and make it a priority. Like never before, God is moving in His church, among His people to stop the killing of innocent, unborn children. Abortion may be approved by the Supreme Court and applauded by many, but abortion is just as inhumane as the Jews massacred during the Holocaust. Many are misinformed, confused and deceived when it comes to this issue but day by day, one by one, we are killing our future!

We can make a difference. As we join with other believers, our passionate prayers ascend to the Father. Our attendance encourages other Christians, it’s a powerful testimony to everyone who passes by and our presence often keeps women from making the worse decision of their lives, killing their children. We can stand, we can pray and we can allow God to use us as we make ourselves available. The answer is adoption, not abortion and your standing on behalf of those who can’t stand for themselves makes a difference.

Please don’t ever forget that we exist to lead and ever-changing community to find fulfillment in following the never changing Christ! And I believe the best is yet to come as we step out by faith and trust Him.

For the King and His Kingdom,

Pastor Jake


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