Free Video Resources

    Our church has invested in an amazing resource for you and your family, and it's free to you!

    RightNow Media is an online video platform that has thousands of videos that you can access without any fees. There are Bible studies, conference sessions, training videos and kid-friendly videos available any time you want to watch.

    We want to make sure we provide you with the opportunities to watch and learn from some of the great Bible teachers and leaders of our time. That's why we have made RightNow Media available to you at no cost. 

    To create your account, use this link:

    Once there, sign up and create your account to get started. There you will find tons of content that will help you in your Christian walk. And for parents, there are lots of kid-friendly videos that can help entertain and educate your kids. With RightNow Media, you can rest knowing that all the content has been carefully created or selected to help uphold the Christian values you are teaching in your home.

    Feel free to share RightNow Media with others in your home and even with someone who doesn't even attend LCC. The creators of RightNow Media have great stories of people using it as a blessing to people who don't even go to church. One believer shared the video platform with a neighbor who was struggling in his marriage. After watching some videos, he eventually came to church with his family to begin growing in Christ. The video content of RightNow Media was a tool that opened his heart to hearing from God.

    Others within our LCC family have also shared their experiences. Peter began using it as soon as he found out about it, and the video content has accelerated his growth in Christ. "Now, before I begin reading a book in the Bible," Peter said, "I start first by viewing the books of the Bible overviews. It has made the Bible come alive for me. I understand so much more of what I'm reading."  (To see the videos for yourself, search for "Tim Mackie" and "How to Read" once you log into RightNow Media.)

    If you have questions about how to use RightNow Media or getting signed up, you can send an email to  to submit your request.

    We hope you are blessed by this great resource and continue to grow in Christ because of it. 

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