K5 thru 4th grade


Creating an Environment of Growth

We are passionate about children here at LIFE. They are the future. And Jesus is passionate about our children, too!  

We want to create safe, welcoming, and fun opportunities for your children. Here they can:

  • Discover and know who Jesus is
  • Learn God's Word
  • Grow with other kids
  • Learn to follow Jesus
  • Show others who He is 

We are also passionate about partnering with you, the parents and families. Our mission is to help you disciple your children well.


Here's what to expect

All of our LIFE Kids team members must go through a background check and training before they are allowed to serve on our team.

When you arrive, here's what you can expect:

  1. Arrive in our main entrance and be greeted by a friendly member of our Welcome team.
  2. That person will help you find our Kids Check-in area.
  3. He/she will help you get your child registered at an iPad kiosk.
  4. You will receive a matching tag unique to you and your child.
  5. Once checked in, we will make sure that you know where your child is going, where you will pick your child back up after service, and answer any other questions you may have.  
  6. For security, we will ask that you present your matching tag upon arrival to pick up your child. This ensures that your child is being safely picked up by the right person.

Step 1

Register your kid's attendance at one of our iPad kiosks.

Step 2

Print 2 labels - one for each of your children, and one for you to use when you pick up your children. 

Step 3

Walk with your child to their room to hand them off to our LIFE Kids team.

Step 4

After worship or LIFE Group, bring your security label back when you pick up your children. You have to present that label in order for us to release your children back to you.


Kids Church - 9:30am

Kids Church is a worship service for our LIFE Kids.

Together in Kids Church as a large group, we worship, play games, read the Word, pray, and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. 


Kids Life Groups - 11:00am

Kids Life Groups are grouped age-appropriately. This helps ensure that your kids are engaged as they dig deeper into the Word of God.

Kids Life Group leaders spend time with the kids on a more personal level. They help answer their questions about Jesus. They lead interactive lessons to teach them about God and His Word so they can learn to follow Jesus for themselves.


LIFE Skills - 6:30pm (through May 11)

LIFE Skills is all about teach our kids skills they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Classes vary from quarter to quarter. They teach skills like baking, fitness, sewing, art, sign language, apologetics - and many more to come!

Kids have the opportunity to have fun while learning these skills in small groups. But we also help them learn the most important life skill: knowing how to study and apply God’s Word to their lives.


There are no events scheduled at this time. Please check back as events are being added daily.



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